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"Striving to embody principles of technological, commercial, and ideological philanthropy"


Over the past three years, I have studied a plethora of subjects at multiple universities, finally settling on a business, philosophy double major at the University of Oregon.

I started my college career at Willamette University double majoring in Chinese and Economics. Although I only spent four months at Willamette University, it was period of great personal growth and exploration into business, culture, and the Chinese language. However, Willamette University did not have a robust business administration program, which lead to me to transfer to the University of Oregon.

Upon starting winter term I was quickly galvanized and inspired by large amount of opportunity and cultural diversity at the University of Oregon and the community of Eugene, Oregon as a whole. Interested in many subjects at the time, I studied a variety of subjects ranging from philosophy to computer science. After several terms struggling with javascript and the deep critical analysis of philosophy papers, I fell in love with both subjects. Although, I did not pursue any other course work related to computer science, I continued learning the ins and outs of computer science and information technology working for Michael Hennessy (refer to resume) and at my occupation as a junior web developer at Feynman Group. At the beginning of my sophomore year, I officially declared myself a business administration, philosophy double major.

Through the course of the following years, I became very intrigued by subjects and areas of study such as Internet philosophy, classical and non-classical logic systems, jQuery, website design and style, organizational design, and operations management to name a few.


Whether it be in the classroom, on the job, or in my free time, I love learning and engaging a wide range of subjects, fields, and material. I derive great enjoyment from reading existential philosophy, tackling challenging problems and projects, and (most importantly) helping others around me. Recently, I have become very interested in website development, design, operations management, and international supply chain management (China). When I am not studying or working, I love to run, exercise, relax outdoors, and converse with friends in my free time.

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